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GreenTea: The Only Java Grid Computing Software For The Rest of Us!

The GreenTea Software is a pure Java Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based Grid OS platform that facilitates P2P computing, distributed computing, grid computing, and network computing by harnessing the idle computing resources on the network. GreenTea is written entirely in the Java (TM) programming language. It runs on any Java enabled computing platforms, such as PCs, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, even Java-enabled Cell phones. GreenTea enables organizations to fully utilize their existing heterogeneous computing resources to meet their heavy-duty computing needs, without having to purchase expensive supercomputers and servers. By using GreenTea software, all the computers in the organization can be utilized to form a large virtual supercomputer.

GreenTea is a total resource aggregation and resource sharing platform. The resources include both hard resources (e.g. CPU, RAM, hard disk, network bandwidth, etc) and soft resources (e.g. files, software applications and services, etc). Not only does GreenTea harness computing resources, but most importantly, GreenTea enables give-and-take sharing of computing resources (bi-directionality, or Many To Many topology). In fact, any participant in the GreenTea network is both a contributor and a beneficiary of the shared resources .

For example, all the computers in the company can form a GreenTea network by either running GreenTea on their desktop or joining the network via a web browser. Departments that require heavy-duty computing resources can then run their GreenTea enabled application programs on the GreenTea network. This saves the company from buying and maintaining additional computing equipment. It is economically efficient to make use of existing computing resources rather than owning an expensive supercomputer.

For further information, please email to: "contact at GreenTeaTech.com".

Testimonials from GreenTea users: 

"... We are using a GreenTea enabled mixed cluster with Windows and Linux machines to run NCBI's standalone Blast. GreenTea allows us to utilize all the idle computers in our lab. This is very helpful for our large blast jobs where we want to blast 100,000 sequences against the human genome. We have found GreenTea very easy to use and the API is so simple that we were able to do our software development using the API and the example code, without needing any training from GreenTea..."

"... Beowulf was a nightmare. That's why I use GreenTea..."

"... GreenTea's setup and deployment is much easier for me than say, a Beowulf setup, for my low cost distributed 3D rendering... "

"... I'm fighting myself with Jini but without success. GreenTea is so much light weight and easier to set up that we have a distributed network computing environment instantly! ..."

"... GreenTea allows us to run several computers as one supercomputer at a minimal cost. The fact that GreanTea is platform independent is exciting. Finally there is a way for windows users and Linux users to work together easily..."

"... GreenTea enables us to pilot a distributed computing project without requiring installation of loads of system packages. GreenTea's Java base makes it easier to get approval than other technologies like MPI, PVM etc particularly for our financial banking applications..." 

"... I greatly appreciate the fact that GreenTea allows me to create local grids with so much ease. We have big projects, big compile and testing time slowing down development workflow. GreenTea enables us to do distributed compiling, sharing unused resources, and to create local grids easily..."

"... GreenTea was recommend as a very good software platform for distributed applications so I am looking into it. The fact that GreenTea makes use of all spare CPU time and is able to connect all idle computers to a central computer is exactly what I need..."

"... I am very interested in new technologies, using different approach than traditional PVM, MPI paradigms, or Linux clustering. GreenTea is such an alternative. GreenTea provides me with a very simple and easy platform for parallelizing our neural network, efficiently executing computationally expensive numerical algorithms, reconstruction of computerized tomographic image sets from projections, and advanced mathematical software DSP..."

"... GreenTea appears to be much simpler than MPI, PVM, extreme Linux or Beowulf cluster. I am especially interested in finding out whether excel can be networked securely with GreenTea and/or Java enabled/enhanced with real time data acquisition and computation..."

"... GreenTea has the potential to increase the productivity of the existing hardware, maximizing the investment we have already made, because we have the need to use multiple computers so work can be done faster..."

"... GreenTea allows us to increase CPU processing power while not having to make SUPER COMPUTER investment..."

"... The fact that GreenTea lets you p2p share all resources and not just files is exactly what I need. I have been trying to find a way to develop a distributed network, and now GreenTea comes to rescue..." 

"... The fact that GreenTea's ease-of-use, simplicity of writing your own distributed applications is fascinating..."

"... We have too many compiling jobs on some servers, and none on others. GreenTea enables us to spread out the resources for use in compiling many projects simultaneously..."

"... We are doing research on Genetic algorithm and sub-structural identification, Sub-structural identification. GreenTea sounds very promising and powerful..." 

"... if this is really does what it speaks....then GreenTea would be a revolution!..."


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