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GreenTea provides the following software products. If you are interested in any of the following products, please email us at "contact at".

  • GreenTea Platform Software. Please email to: "contact at" to request for pricing information. Please press "Buy Now" button to pay:

  • GT BLAST: a bioinformatics BLAST sequence alignment tool that runs on both Windows and Linux machines, perfect for large or small biotech organizations who do not have a huge budget for purchasing and maintaining expensive and complex Linux clusters or supercomputers/servers. GT BLAST simply runs on  your organization's existing Windows or Linux machines. GT BLAST is a very easy to use tool that saves you time and money than to build your own. Please email us at "contact at" to request for the GT BLAST software.

  • GT Distributed SAS software: SAS is a widely used statistical analysis software. Often times, it takes a long time to run SAS on a large data set. GT Distributed SAS software package enables SAS programs/scripts to run in a distributed fashion on a network of GT machines, without changing the underlying network infrastructure. Hence, it greatly reduces the time to run SAS on a large data set. In our lab test, it takes 15 minutes to run SAS on one machine, but it takes only 4 minutes to run SAS on a network of 6 GT-enabled machines. This software increases organization's productivity without having to purchase expensive compute servers.

  • GT Distributed Storage software: a very intuitive and easy to use software tool that makes use of multiple computers' excess hard disk space to form a virtual large storage space on your network. 

  • GT Native Execution Tool: a versatile and generic tool that distributes  native applications to run in parallel on multiple computers on the GT network. 

  • GT MP3 Encoder: a distributed MP3 encoding software based on GT platform that encodes audio CDs to MP3 files on several machines in parallel. Video/MPEG encoding feature can be easily added as well. Please email us for more details.

  • GTJoone: a GreenTea-enbled pure Java-based open-source distributed Artificial Neural Networks package that is based on pure Java open source Joone package. It usually takes a long time to train a neural network. The GTJoone package allows to masssively and quickly train a neural network without the need of heavy/super computers. GTJoone package can be downloaed here.


If you have special requests for custom GT application development, you can contact our professional consulting service at "contact at".

  • Professional consulting service. With GT Platform expertise, we provide professional consulting services in GT application development, support, and training. Please email us for details.

  • GT high performance computing service. In partnership with TTI, GreenTea provides high-performance computing service using GreenTea Platform.


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